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Christoph Kramer @ 11FREUNDE (1)
11FREUNDE: Christoph Kramer, have you watched the whole World Cup final again?
Christoph Kramer: No, I've just seen bits on the internet.
11FREUNDE: We've got it here. (As soon as he starts watching, he gets assimilated by it. He sings the anthem, his eyes glued to the screen. Whenever the commentator, Tom Bartels, mentions his name, Kramer smiles brightly.)
Christoph Kramer: Whenever I see these scenes, I am getting goosebumps. You can hear that there were more Argentina supporters in the stadium. But I was surprised to see and hear how many Germany supporters were attending our matches and how unbelievably loud they were.
11FREUNDE: Sami Khedira had to miss the match due to injury, you've been told that you'd be playing right before the beginning of the match. Afterwards, you stated that your pulse was 210. What did you do to handle the nervousness?
Christoph Kramer: The coach told me to play my game like I always did. And thus I kept telling myself: "You're gonna play a super match, you're gonna play a super match! Today's gonna be a good day, today's gonna be a good day!" That surely has helped. But you were aware of the fact that it was the World Cup final in the Maracana stadium. Everyone had been excited. But right after the kick-off, all the tension disappeared, it turned into a regular match.
11FREUNDE: Were you able to ignore your surroundings completely?
Christoph Kramer: No, on the contrary. I've sucked the atmosphere in, it was giving me strength.
11FREUNDE: Here we can see the collision between you and the Argentina NT player, Ezequiel Garay, in the 17th minute. What happened afterwards?
Christoph Kramer: The doc had asked me a thousand questions and, apparently, I was able to answer them all correctly. But now I see how long I've actually kept playing. That is weird: Even here, I keep hinting that I want to have the ball. But I can't remember these moments at all.
(Argentina's biggest chance can be seen on the screen: Gonzalo Higuain misses the goal right in front of manuel Neuer.)
Christoph Kramer: I remember that I was stopping the ball with my chest after a duel. But I really can't recall Higuain's chance anymore, even though it must have happened shortly after.
11FREUNDE: Is it true that you asked the ref if this was the final match?
Christoph Kramer: Yes, and I've asked Thomas Müller too. He told me to lie down and gave a signal that I had to get subbed out.
(Tom Bartels says: "André Schürrle is getting ready for substitution.")
Christoph Kramer: This is so weird. Usually, I'm supposed to stay at the back during freekicks, but I'm up front.
(Kramer runs into Argentina's half.)
Christoph Kramer: What am I doing there? Just another run, there you see me running again, completely worked up.
11FREUNDE: Did you follow the match after getting subbed out?
Christoph Kramer: At the beginning of the second half, I chose to sit on the bench again and to follow the match. It was incredible how supportive the entire bench was, all of them were carried away by the match. When I've got to sit on the bench here at Borussia Mönchengladbach, I get angry. Oh, I've got to watch my words - on the other hand, I'm World Champion, so I'm allowed to do his. (Laughs.) What I wanted to say is: At the National Team, everyone was in a good mood, they were laughing, beaming - there was an unbelievably positive energy. That's why we were in the position to give everything even in the 116th minute of the final, because the entire bench was pushing the team.

Harder than it looks?


Harder than it looks?

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Shake It Off + Lyrics

Holger Badstuber at the Sport Bild Awards on August 25, 2014 in Hamburg, Germany.

Holger Badstuber at the Sport Bild Awards on August 25, 2014 in Hamburg, Germany.

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Genius at work.

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@taylorswift13 Every time I see Blue Ivy, I cry.

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Studio MIR blows my mind

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